Jan 30, 2024
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The Long Dark

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Amidst the brutal winter weather of a fierce snowstorm in the deep mountains, this popular open-world survival game keeps players engaged

While there are no typical zombies in the game setting, the lone protagonist must be cautious of more threatening wolf and bear attacks

Left alone in the moment of apocalypse, the hero explores the silent, post-apocalyptic world, scavenging for items while being mindful of the snowstorms and the howling winds. Even during moments when the game is paused, the memories of the serene end-of-the-world setting, filled only with the sounds of blizzards and winds, linger in the player’s mind, prompting them to play again

If you enjoy challenging games with a high difficulty level and mountain climbing aspects, similar to titles like Project Zomboid and Insurmountable, this is a popular one-person adventure survival game that you might want to check out, especially during sale periods

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